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Door-to-door solicitation irks resident

Written by admin on June 16th, 2010

By Josh Mitchell/Informer Publisher

Corey Pittman of Marion County was enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday morning this week when he heard a knock on his door.

Wondering who would be coming to his house at 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday, Pittman went to see who it was. When he opened the door he saw a man get into a van and drive away and noticed that a business card advertising a car washing service had been left behind.

At that point Pittman’s relaxing morning had ended, as he was upset that someone soliciting a business would interrupt the peacefulness of his home, especially on a Sunday, a time he designates for family. “It irks me,” said Pittman. “I believe anyone would feel the same way.”

Pittman wondered if there were any laws prohibiting such door-to-door solicitation, so he called local law enforcement and spoke with a dispatcher who told him as long as the person was not threatening him it was OK. Pittman said some communities require permits to go door-to-door and have designated hours for the practice.

Pittman resides outside the city limits in Marion County, which has no law regarding door-to-door solicitation, said County Attorney Joe Shepard. Shepard, who has been the county attorney for 28 years, said it is not uncommon for people with yard and landscaping services as well as politicians, Bible salesmen and Girl Scouts to go door to door. The city of Columbia has an ordinance that prohibits the distributing, posting or displaying of advertising material in the city limits. 

County Supervisor Raymon Rowell said if there is no such law in the county, there should be, saying, “I don’t want someone bothering me on Sunday morning.” Rowell said if someone soliciting a business came to his house on Sunday, “I would be one customer they would not have.”

The business card that was left on Pittman’s doorstep advertised a business called Newell’s Detailing, which provides services for vehicles, boats, trailers, and RVs. The card also had a phone number on it, which the Marion County Informer called and spoke with the owner, Robert Newell.

Newell said he was sorry if he bothered Pittman by coming by on a Sunday morning, adding, “I didn’t know it was a big deal.” Newell said he had just finished a detailing job at Pittman’s neighbor’s house and decided to leave a couple of cards at other houses in the Lakeview subdivision. Newell of Sumrall said he only knocked on two doors.

Pittman said it would not have been as bad if Newell would have knocked on his door during a weekday during regular hours, but to do so on Sunday morning was inappropriate. Pittman said he would prefer if door-to-door salesmen never came to his house, comparing them to telemarketers, which are regulated by the state’s no-call list. Pittman understands that the economy is bad and people are trying to make a living but said there should be some regulations in place for door-to-door solicitors in Marion County.

“I have nothing against someone trying to promote a business,” said Pittman.


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  1. Bill says:

    And this ruined his relaxing morning how… Sounds like he is too lazy to get up for a few minutes and answer the door. He could have went back and sat down after that.

    I would rather the guy leave a card and leave instead of trying to talk me into buying something.

    Some people need to get a life!

  2. geez says:

    Seriously? Is there nothing more important to complain about?

  3. legit says:

    Josh, man wth? Get something worth writing about. This is a dang joke. Enough said

  4. MARIONCOUNTY1983 says:

    I agree with Corey…SCARY….the things that have been going on in Marion County have people scared. I have told everyone if they are coming to see me they better call first. We need to look at the big picture and remember what problems Marion county has been having.

  5. cr says:

    Petty, petty, petty!!!! Get Real!!
    How long did this take? A walk to the door!!! OMG

  6. Atticus says:

    Guess its a slow news day. Really, really, really slow.

  7. Me o my!! says:

    Both should be getting ready for church at 9:30 on a Sunday morning!

  8. New Voice of Reason says:

    I don’t know; it seems petty on the surface but this is one of those things that raises awareness and gets laws enacted. years ago in a town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Sunday solicitation was a good way to get locked up and I knew of several people who were put behind bars at least overnight until Monday morning. I’m not certain why the local law was enacted originally but those folks were serious about it!

  9. hotstick says:

    I really enjoy reading the informer on a daily basis I think it is great for the residents and friends of the county, but this story is a joke. If Pittman is such a grouch that he can’t take time to answer his door on a Sunday morning while I hope he was getting his family ready for church then maybe he should think about putting a fence around his property with a gate at the end of his drive. That seems to work pretty well.

  10. RelativeNewcomer says:

    “I have nothing against someone trying to promote a business,” said Pittman.

    Evidently, you do!

    Come on! At least he’s working! He could be sitting on his butt doing nothing and collecting your taxes once a month out of his mailbox. Would you be happier then?

    And, yes, here in the city, we still get solicited by people with information to pass out and cards which are left in the crack of the door if people aren’t home.

  11. Brave in Atlanta says:

    News must be really slow….I agree. I am curious, however, that there isn’t any positive news out there….like the outstanding job and devotion to this county that has been displayed by Virginia Carlton….thank you for your service!!

  12. wow says:

    We no longer know our neighbors, crime runs rapid, nobody saw anything. Remember Mayberry the Andy Griffin show ? They had a lot of shows with door to door sales people that was the good ole days where people knew their neighbor. Now a small business man trying to live the American dream ( which is a joke) can’t afford to buy a bill board goes around trying to advertise so he can feed his children will probably not be able to in the future because of someone whining. The powers that be will probably pass a law against it. Then when his business fails he can get his kids on medicade , get a food stamp card and live off of the tax payers. All thanks to one little whiner.

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    Really….someone trying to make a living!! Wouldn’t it be nice to start your work week off in a clean car? I would love it!

  14. Stanley Cowe says:

    Wow….in this economy people are trying to work when and where they can. Pittman needs to get a life…

  15. j says:

    “The city of Columbia has an ordinance that prohibits the distributing, posting or displaying of advertising material in the city limits. ”

    Tell that to the people who put those godforsaken plastic signs up everywhere. They’re an eyesore. Especially on the corner by the library. Plus these people never seem to take them down when the sales are over.

    • grasshopper says:

      You cannot put a flyer under the W/S wipers of a vehicle, but it is okay for someone to ride around town every Thursday and throw the advertiser out of their window into everyone’s yard, including vacant and burned out houses. This ordinance is just another one of those “on the books” that is enforced when things are slow or when they are looking to nail somebody.

  16. for what its worth says:

    Should have taken the opprotunity to invite him to church.

  17. craze8 says:

    Church…Sundays about this time. Try it, you may like it! There’s plenty of choices in Marion County. Then no one would be bothered or be the botheree

  18. CORY PITTMAN says:

    To all of the above comments: My story was out of concern and respect for my family and to all other citizens of Marion County. Considering all of the crimes in the last few months it should be concern to you. I have a 90 year old elderly lady that lives across from me. She had to go to the door b/c this guy was ringing the door bell only to see a white van driving off. No, there was no time to invite him to church b/c he rang and took off to his van. I am glad to see him working and not drawing a govt check. Maybe he should have been @ church Mr. Crowe.- see his comment. People, there is a time and place for everything. Sunday morning is not for solicitation of your business. For all that say “get a life” I have one that I respect and enjoy. You may need to get some morals and respect for you fellow neighbors. Treat them as you would want to be treated. The police and sherrif dispatchers said they have the right to come anytime as long as they are not a threat. So let them come 24/7 anytime day or night to your house and see how you like it. I hope people can see the real issue here about how it would be nice to have certain days and hours for solicitation instead of leaving it open to 24/7. It’s not about me and my life. It’s about we as a community having respect for each others homes and privacy. Maybe those that are smart enough to understand will know what this article is truly about. God Bless

    • jo oliver says:

      I say good for you Corey. There is a time and place for everything. If he felt that he must leave a card, then just leave it in the mailbox or at the doorstep. Why ring the doorbell and take off before anyone can even answer the door~? I imagine if most people stop to think about it, this would perturb them too…considering most of us hate solicitation phone calls after 9 PM or before 9 AM.

      • tryin 2 b optimistic says:

        Mr Pittman…I appreciate your opinion on this matter!!!! People…have you so soon forgot about all the breakins??????? I am home alone half the time and live near Mr Pittman….We here in Lakeview watch out for one another…if you don’t like or understand that….too bad. That is what all neighbors should be doing. Little did he (MR Pittman) know this guy was not up to something he shouldn’t be. I would not have opened my door if I had been home alone. Now….bash on me for awhile!!! And, I might add, it is truly sad how that SUNDAY has lost its once reverened appeal.
        I wish nothing but success to this young man but, please understand that people have been forced to feel the way they do on this sort of issues. Unfortunately, life has taught us the hard way that not all folks are paying friendly visits. Mr Pittman owns HIS HOME and has the right to choose whether he wants to get up and open his door or not…just the same as you and I.
        Come on folks….do you really think Mr pittman is ‘knocking this man for making a living’????? PLEASE!!

  19. Just for the sake of it says:

    Wow..when did it become ok to knock another human being for trying to make a living. We all have times when we wish we could just have a little solitude and relaxation..what you work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday? Well you their are many people in this world who have to work weekends and we do it because we need to put food on the tables to feed our kids because we do not want to be, by choice, living off welfare and food stamps!

  20. morris bart says:

    ONE CALL THAT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cory Pittman says:

    To Morris Bart (what a funny joke) The next time you have a break in or something bad happen at your home I hope you don’t forget to make your “one call” to Morris Bart. Thanks to Josh we know that their is an ordiance for the city. Josh also called the supervisor so maybe he can make some changes for the county residence also. I made a call to the sherriff dept & city police dispatchers only to be told its ok for solicitation anytime. I don’t see where they tried to learn for themselves about the city ordinance. Josh has opened our eyes to a lot of laws that we as citizens do not even know about. Look at all his work he has done @ city hall. I am glad we have someone who is taking their time to let the citizens know our rights instead of being told by our officials what we are entitled to know when most of the time they don’t even know the laws. So Mr Bart (Haha) the next time something happens on your door steps and you feel the dispatchers do not give you a fair answer, please don’t bother calling Josh because you know he will look into your problem and find or help with answers. Please make your “one call to Morris Bart” and let him handle your problems.

  22. Duh says:

    Just put up a no solicitation sign Trust me it works i did it and no one bothers to knock on my door We have to many picky laws as it is we don’t need any more

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