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Budget cuts force Marion County School Board to reduce employee pay

Written by admin on May 27th, 2010

The Marion County School District is reducing employee pay to deal with state budget cuts.

By Josh Mitchell/Informer Publisher

The Marion County School Board in a special Tuesday meeting approved pay reductions for teachers, administrators and other employees because of state budget cuts.

Under the measure, the local supplement that teachers receive will be cut in half in fiscal year 2010-2011, which begins July 1. Teachers receive a local supplement of between $1,000 and $1,200 a year based on their certification level.

Despite the cuts, the teachers will make around the same as they did this year because their annual state pay raise will basically cover what they lose. In fact, after the raises are factored in some teachers will actually make a little more than they did this year, Superintendent Ronald Fortenberry noted.

Marion County Schools Superintendent Ronald Fortenberry

Certified personnel who work 200 days or more, including administrators, counselors and Votec teachers, will also take a cut in pay but in a different manner than the teachers. Those employees, including Fortenberry, will be paid for five less days next year.

All non-certified employees who work at least 200 days a year, such as clerical and janitorial staff, will also be paid for five fewer days next year. Teacher assistants will be paid for 180 days next year whereas they were paid for 187 this year, Fortenberry added.

Two teachers who did not teach academic subjects were terminated because of the state budget cuts, Fortenberry said. One of those teachers was from West Marion High School and the other from East Marion High School, said Fortenberry. He would not say what subjects they taught or elaborate any further on those employees, saying he could not discuss personnel matters in public. Some teachers who are resigning or retiring will not be replaced, but Fortenberry did not know how many.

The total amount of state budget cuts that the Marion County School District will have to endure for 2010-2011 is unclear. It is also unclear how much the Marion County School Board’s decision to cut employee pay will save the District.


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